Design your badges


The Enhanced badge designer interface


Advanced tools for importing images and backgrounds

Save your badge designs and load them to edit later

Copy your badge graphics to edit and save as new ones

Improved control - now even easier to use than the Classic badge designer

All new, hand-picked icons, images and graphics ready for you to use

Awesome new fonts to give the text in your badges some extra flair

Add information and criteria to your badges


The badge management interface


Create badge issuing organisations and manage information about who awards the badge

Provide more details for people viewing the badge: link the badge to your course or initiative's website or add these details straight into your badge

Define how your badge is earned and bake criteria into your badge

Catalogue and organise your badges with a full view of what you've created

Add custom attributes to your badge such as CPD hours

Award your badges


Monitor and manage the badges you issue with a real time dashboard


Unlimited issuing - award your badges to as many recipients as you like!

Issue badges for free - simply add email addresses to award your badges

Issue your badges in bulk and send them to up to 50 recipients at a time

Real time reporting gives you up-to-the-minute information on the badges you've issued

Manage all of your badge design, issuing and reporting in one place

Issue badges in the Mozilla Open Badge format - recipients can add them straight to their Backpack

Need to do more?

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