Design your badges

Add icons and text with awesome fonts to give your badges some extra flair
Quick and easy design tool with huge library of shape templates
Define how your badge is earned and bake criteria into your badge
Advanced tools for importing images and backgrounds
Link the badge to information on your program’s website
Add custom attributes to your badge such as CPD hours

Award your badges

Flexible issuing – options for unlimited badges or unlimited recipients!
Issue badges for free - simply add email addresses to award your badges
Issue your badges in bulk from a csv file
Powerful API: issue badges from your own system
Powerful rules engine: award badges based on events
Complies with Open Badge v2 standard

Manage your badges

Monitor and manage the badges you issue with a real time dashboard
Create multiple organisations and users and control access permissions
Real time reporting gives live information on the badges you've issued
Manage all of your badge design, issuing and reporting in one place
Customise the tool with your own custom branding and login portal
Support for multilingual badges

Personal backpack features

Unlock the possibilities contained in your Open Badges

Add badges in one simple step makes it super simple to add badges to your collection, wherever they were awarded

Build badge collections

Organise and categorise your badges for different audiences and purposes with custom badge collections

Customise & share collections

Customise how your badge collections are displayed and share them with custom views, templates and styles

Use your badges

Do more with your badges in the real world! Print them, download them, and share them with others

Add your own commentary

Use badges to tell stories about your personal skills and development by adding contextual commentary

Personalised interface

Choose how much detail you want to see when viewing your badges, and save your viewing preferences

Export your badges

Your badges will never be trapped - export and download them in Open Badge format any time you want

End-to-end support for digital badging supports and simplifies every stage of your badging workflow, making awarding digital credentials a breeze.