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Issue digital badges and credentials with our powerful API

The easiest and quickest way to award Badges from your own service or application

Simple API


 The Simple API supports the direct issuing of single or multiple badges to single or multiple recipients. The API calls can easily be integrated into organisational application software to trigger the awarding and issuing of badges.

Advanced API


The Advanced API allows an organisation to record custom events into a database, define and apply custom rules to those events, that in turn triggers the issuing of badges. Simple single rules can be reused and combined with other rules to deliver powerful and flexible badge issuing logic.

Simple: Integrate

Adding verifiable digital badges to your own application’s workflows is super quick and easy. Just call our API and will do the rest.

Advanced: Powerful rules-based badge-issuing

We recognise that for many organisations, the achievements you want to recognise can range from the very simple to something a lot more complex. There could be multiple events or activities that could trigger achievements and some of these could occur at different times and maybe in different systems and from different processes.

Issue badges using

Google Sheets & Forms

Collect and manage data, event registrations, surveys, quizzes, and more. use the plug ins and integrate your Google Forms and Sheets with so you can automatically issue digital badges. is unique in including a powerful rules engine where you can specify your badge-issuing logic.

It’s then just a case of calling our API with information about the events your users have undertaken, the scores they’ve achieved, the courses they have completed and so on. The rules engine does the rest, and when the appropriate conditions have been met, the badge is automatically issued

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