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You can get started now with a starter plan for FREE and upgrade whenever suits you 
Frequently asked questions

No. Just the cost of the difference between plans. However, there are no rebates for downgrading to a lower plan.

The annual limits apply just the same on monthly plans, so you are able to handle peak seasonal demand within your annual limits even on a monthly payment plan.

The minimum contract period is one month if you choose to pay monthly. For annual payment plans the minimum contract period is 12 months. For the Enterprise Plan the minimum contract period is 12 months.

There is no setup fee for the Starter, Teams and Embrace plans.

Yes. If you select the annual payment option you get 12 months for the price of 10.

For Starter, Team and Embrace plans you can sign up online here or you can contact us. For Custom plans or to clarify further questions you may have, please contact us.

No. The individual user personal badge backpack account is a free service.

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