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Digital Credentialling As A Service 

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  • Issue credentials to your users, from your software, using API automation

  • Have your brand represented on your users' credentials, with full white labelling 

  • Keep all your security with our SSO services 

  • Training and account assistance packages, as and when you need them delivered by us

  • Have users access their credentials inside your software, with a quick and simple fully integrated solution

White Labelling

Add more validity to your credentials with a fully white-labelled solution. Email addresses your badge recipients trust, URLs adding security to your badge display pages, and a solution that has the look of being a fully in-company solution, with the removal of all traces of  

  • Security and integrity: with your own URLs

  • Unique to you: your brand throughout

  • Bring all your software together in one seamless package

Extensive Integration

Build our badge software into yours, with our quick and simple drop-in code package allowing you to have extensive integration for you and your badge recipients.

  • Make your solution the one-stop solution 

  • Access badges from your software 

  • Issue and administer badges from your software 

  • Share and interact with credentials within your software


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