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Mozilla Open Badges?

The Mozilla Open Badges initiative aims to provide a framework for recording and displaying achievements. Badges—or micro-credentials—offer a digital, bite-sized, portable way to represent the skills you've attained. You can read more on the Mozilla Badges website at http://openbadges.org/


Create eye-catching designs

Our free badge design tool has helped over 20,000 teachers, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and clubs create thousands of awesome badges.

With a huge range of design possibilities what will you create?


Use OpenBadges.me to issue Open Badges

Issue your Open Badges!

What good is a great badge design if you can't give it to anybody?

Take the next step with OpenBadges.me and start issuing your open badges straight to your recipients!

How OpenBadges.me can help you

As well as the open-access badge designing and issuing tools which we are committed to provide for free, we have now introduced a new low cost service for those organisations that require more functionality and integration. If you wish to embed the OpenBadges.me badging technology inside your own software platforms, please see our partners page.

We welcome your support in enabling us to provide these services and your ideas/feedback are welcome.

  Design Design & Issue Enterprise
   FREE  Use the classic designer  FREEsign up and login required Create a free account From $500per annum Contact us
Graphical badge designer
Classic designer

Enhanced designer

Enhanced designer
Badge saving & loading -
Badge criteria editor -
Badge issuing -
Badge administration
Realtime dashboard -
Graphical dashboard

Advanced dashboard
Badge issuing -
Up to 50 recipients at a time

Unlimited recipients & file upload
Badge administration -
Badge designer API
Classic designer API
Enhanced designer API
Wordpress plugin
Classic designer only
Enhanced designer
Badge criteria editor API - -
Badge issuing API - -
Badge reporting API - -
Badge backpack
Creation of backpacks - -
User support
Web forum

Web forum

Support helpdesk
  Use the classic designer Create a free account Contact us

More free tools from MyKnowledgeMap

We believe in enabling individuals to learn and develop throughout their lives. And we create free tools to help make it happen. Check out our other tools that compliment OpenBadges.me:




Myshowcase.me is simply the most powerful solution for showcasing your achievements and capability. And it's free for individuals to use. Free for life!

We've been working in the eportfolio space for a long time, and had found that the limitation of many solutions was that they had been designed as institutional systems. The needs of the individual took second place. We've developed a personal showcasing tool, Myshowcase.me, which is free for individuals for life.




This is the place to store all your badges for FREE. Known as an open badge “backpack”, BadgeUp provides the tools for an individual to collect their badges, to organise their badges into collections, and to decide where and how they wish to display their badges.

This FREE cloud-based service is an ideal place for badge issuers to direct their users badges. Organisations using www.openbadges.me for badge design and issuing are given the option to use BadgeUp.me


Want to know more or want to discuss the enterprise services we offer? We'd love to hear from you

If you'd like to talk badges, badge design, digital certification & micro-credentials, or if you'd like to explore how badging can fit within your wider assessment, certification and portfolio strategies then we'd love to hear from you. Just fill in this form and someone from our team will be in touch as soon as they can.