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ePIC 2022 Open recognition, Lilliad Learning center of Lille

ePIC is an International Conference on Open Education and Open Recognition Technologies and Practices. Participants and speakers from all continents and backgrounds explore all dimensions of the emerging culture of recognition that gave rise to Open Badges. This year’s conference will be 100% face-to-face and will take place at the Lilliad Learning Center in Lille, France.

Some of the key speakers include

  • Dr Denise Stanley (Head of Research and Development and Knowledge Exchange, The Academy of Contemporary Music, Founder/Director of CLOCK)
  • Cory Doctorow (International blogger, journalist, author)
  • Nate Otto (Product & web standards developer)
  • Nan Travers (Principal Investigator, Credential As You Go Director of the Center for Leadership in Credentialing Learning at SUNY Empire State College)

The team will be attending the event and lunches, would love for you to come say hi to us. We’ll be offering information around, our future development prospects around our platform, and our other products and how we have incorporated badges into them. is one of the leading Open Badge platforms, we have been part of the development of Open Badges since its early concept by IMS Global Learning Consortium previously known as Mozilla. It's now a popular and widely adopted standard used by many organisations involved in skills, education, and training.

An Open Badge is a visual representation of an achievement with embedded metadata that contains further information that can be read by other software applications. The embedded metadata of a badge follows open international standards so that it can be used across different software platforms that understand the standards, transforming your old paper certificates into a powerful new digital currency and enabling those software platforms to verify authenticity.

The embedded data within a badge communicates information regarding the identity of issuer, the recipient, the criteria for achievement, sometimes an expiry date and other information in a format that is secure.

A badge can also provide a link to the recipient’s evidence relating to the achievement.

A set of badges can be conceptually linked together and matched to a framework to create a learning pathway.

An individual user can import badges that they have earned elsewhere and build up a collection in their “backpack”. provides this backpack utility for free for each user together with user functions for formatting how and where badges are displayed.

The Open Badge standard has now been used by thousands of organisations around the world including schools, colleges, universities, vocational training organisations, membership organisations and companies.

If you would like a meeting, or a demo of please email our product consultant Phil at: 

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Phil KIllingsworth

Phil works for MyKnowledgemap as a product consultant for the product taking on client relations, marketing, web building, working with product developers to influence the direction of and take a creative impact on all aspects of the product.

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