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Press Release Rewarding and Encouraging Clinical Data Research Volunteers at CDISC with Open Badges

CDISC will be using to deliver a new digital badges program to reward and recognise their global volunteer network. will help CDISC in recognising the valuable time spent by volunteers in providing clarity in clinical research through developing high quality data standards.

CDISC standards transform incompatible data formats, inconsistent methodologies, and diverse perspectives into a single framework. This powerful framework is recognised by leading regulatory agencies across the world to ensure high quality clinical research.

The badging program, which will begin in February 2020, will be used to acknowledge individual participation in clinical research and data standards development. Issued badges will be displayed and shared on social media, email signatures, and other types of electronic submittals.

CDISC Volunteer Coordinator, Loreen Ortega said:

We are excited to get started! Digital badges will allow our volunteers to show off their great efforts while promoting the volunteer program and the great work we do here at CDISC."

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